My Coding Story Hi! I'm Mle, thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio! I am actively seeking my first role in tech, that may be why you're here! My experience in coding dates way back to the days of Neopets, where I first encountered HTML & CSS, then a couple years later Myspace's function to design your profile yourself led me to learning more & also introduced me to Javascript, I even took a couple coding classes in high school because I loved it so much! After High School, & the days of Myspace fading away, I didn't code anything for years, though I always "craved" it, I just didn't have anything to code anymore! I worked in retail, was an artist by commission & became a certified floral designer as my "first" career. After I had my son in 2016, it quickly became clear that continuing in the floral industry as a single mom just wasn't financially possible, I had to figure out a new career path. Once while googling "good careers" or something like that, I came across "software developer" & looked into it, it turned out a software developer was a job where I could do what I used to do as a hobby when I was a teenager, who knew?! I was beyond rusty when it came to coding, it had been a good eight years or so since I had done any of it, but software development continued to be the only second-career choice out there I kept coming across that sparked something. Not just an interest but excitement & encouraged by the fact that I had enjoyed doing it so much previously. In 2019 I finally took the leap & moved to Portland Oregon to attend a six month full-stack Javascript program. There I learned & brushed up on HTML, CSS, Vanilla JS & then the MERN tech stack- MongoDB, Express, React/Redux & NodeJS. At the tail end of September 2019 I graduated the six month program & have continued to self-study from there on. I still really love CSS, it's my favorite thing to do. I truly feel like CSS is another artistic medium to add to my physical mediums that can be used to create whatever idea I come up with, & that is so satisfying & fun for me to make that happen.
Beyond the Code

I am a single mom to one son, & two tabby cats. I collect enamel pins & older My Little Pony generations are my muse. I love pastel colors, Skeletor, plants & vegan food. In my freetime, if it's not coding, I like to paint, bullet journal, craft, do nail art, decorate, cook & bake.